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El Buen Samaritano Food Program, INC

EBS is a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was
founded in Worcester in 1991 and provides food relief and other services to individuals and families.

EBS has worked for more than three decades to fight food insecurity in Worcester’s Main South and Main Middle neighborhoods, acting not only as a food pantry but as a community center. EBS provides our community with nutritious food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, that may not be affordable or accessible to residents facing food insecurity.

EBS is a one hundred percent volunteer organization, founded by community members and guided by the philosophy that neighbors, when working together, can make a difference in their community. EBS’s ability to make each person and family feel welcomed and respected has been the primary driver for why clients and their children come back to EBS, not only to receive food but also to donate and volunteer their time. In this way, EBS works to break the persistent cycle of food insecurity through collective action. EBS primarily serves the Piedmont Street area, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city.

Families, single parents, and the elderly from all different backgrounds all visit for assistance. The services provided by EBS go beyond providing nutritious food – EBS aids with SNAP applications and connects people with resources for shelters, housing, elderly care, and mental health services. EBS also provides its clients with toiletries and free access to donated clothing and household items.

Together We Can Do More.

At El Buen Samaritano Food Program, our team of dedicated volunteers is committed to serving our community with excellence.

We firmly believe that education is crucial in addressing any issue, and hunger is no exception. However, knowledge alone is insufficient unless it is shared and acted upon. That's why we challenge you to take our advocacy pledge. By using the knowledge you gain to advocate for change in attitudes, policies, and actions, we can work towards achieving zero hunger.

Here at EBS, we take pride in our contributions to ending hunger in Worcester. Regardless of background or circumstances, we are united in our mission to bring hope to those in need. Join us in the fight against hunger, and together, we can make a meaningful impact. Together We Can Do More!

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"Our doors are always open to assist our community in their time of need.

Together, we can achieve more!"

Maricelis Gonzalez | Program Director
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El Buen Samaritano Food Program Inc.
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